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Doorstep Criminals - Crime Prevention Advice

Good morning Chandlers Ford & Hiltingbury,


Cold callers can be very worrying for residents, especially those who are vulnerable.


Doorstep criminals call at your home unannounced, often claiming to be from a utility company (water board etc.), or claiming to be working in the area and to have noticed a problem with your house that needs fixing. They may offer to do work for you or say they need to check something in your home so will ask to come in and to look around.


These criminals are convincing and seem plausible and they target people in their own homes. #HampshireConstabulary works closely with #TradingStandards to tackle those offenders, and there are simple steps you can take to protect yourself from this kind of crime.


Please take note of this advice to ensure you stay safe:


Do not open the door to someone you don’t recognise or are not expecting.


If you do feel you need to answer your door, remember to:

•             Lock the back door before you open the front door – doorstep criminals often work in pairs with one person distracting you                 at the front door while an accomplice enters your home through the back door.

•             Put the door chain or door bar on before opening the door – see who it is before you fully open the door.

•             Ask to see the caller’s identification – a genuine caller will not mind showing you their I.D.

•             Close and lock your door and call the number of the company they claim to be from to check if they have sent someone to                   your home. Remember to use a telephone number from a bill or the telephone book so you know it is genuine.


Remember, even if the caller is genuine, you do not need to allow them into your home. Ask them to arrange a future appointment; that way you can arrange for a friend or family member to be present.


You can arrange to have passwords set up with your utility companies. When a representative calls they will repeat this confidential work to you.


It can be also be helpful to place a ‘No cold caller’ sign in your front door. 

The sign can be found using this link:



If a suspicious caller knocks on your door, call 999 if they are on your property or if they have just left. Call 101 if it is after the event.

Additional Resources:


#ThinkJessica - https://www.thinkjessica.com/

#TakeFive - https://www.takefive-stopfraud.org.uk/toolkit/

#TradingStandards - https://www.hants.gov.uk/business/tradingstandards/consumeradvice

#FriendsAgainstScams - https://www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk/

#BlueLampTrust - https://www.bluelamptrust.org.uk/


Please also be advised that myself and PC Thorpe will be at Fryern Arcade today (25/01/2022) at 2pm so feel free to pop along for a chat.

Kindest regards


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