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Police update following the discovery of human placenta in Southampton

Officers investigating the discovery of a human placenta in Southampton in June 2023 have now located the mother and baby safe and well in the city.


The discovery of a human placenta in the Holly Brook park area on the morning of Wednesday 21 June sparked extensive police enquiries in order to ensure that the mother and baby involved were ok.


Following months of investigation, which has included reviewing hundreds of hours of CCTV footage, house to house enquiries, speaking to witnesses in the area and liaising with partnership agencies, we are pleased to now be able to conclude this investigation on a positive note. Our enquiries have confirmed the individuals involved and that there is no criminal investigation into what has taken place. 



Southampton Chief Inspector Marcus Kennedy said: “We are delighted that this is the conclusion of this case, which we all hoped it would be, following months of work to locate those involved and ensure that they were safe and well.


“We as police had a duty to investigate the discovery, which is a highly unusual occurrence for the area. We had to consider the very real possibility that the mother and baby involved had potentially come to harm, and we needed to do everything we could to ensure that this wasn’t the case. If it had been the case, it was vital that we offered the appropriate support and help, as well as bringing anyone who may have caused them harm, to justice.


“We have established that the family involved have done nothing wrong, and there is to be no criminal investigation now that they have been located. We have visited and spoken with many members of the community and undertaken an extensive number of enquiries throughout the past several months and would like to thank members of the public, as well as the many community groups and partnership agencies in the city who assisted us. We thank you all, as well as the wider public, for your support and understanding throughout the course of our investigation." 

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