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Good afternoon,


I am messaging everyone in Totton, as you maybe able to help us.


We have recently had a motorbike/scrambler with no registration plate, being used by 2 male passengers. This bike is black and silver/grey. Both males wear balaclavas and usually wear black clothing.


We want you to be on the lookout and be vigilante in the Totton area. If you see this bike being rode around please call for the Police or alternatively please respond to this message.


The reason we are looking at these 2 males, is that they have recently stolen from a work van in the Totton area. They took tools which have recently been purchased and now the owner will have to replace. 


Please keep doors locked and windows shut. Do not leave any valuables in view inside the vehicle. We are looking into what we can do regarding this and will be on patrols in the Totton area, looking for this bike. 


Thank you and please if you do see this bike ring, for the Police. 




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William Harris
(Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary, PCSO, Totton)

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